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Money raised for charity


Raising money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance


We are pleased to advise that the amount raised since we started collecting has reached a grand total in excess of £12,000.

Many thanks to everyone who has donated or helped in any way to reach this total.

Please visit their website to view further information on the work that they do.



Added on: 03/07/2013

Site Rules


All rubbish must be taken home with you at the close of the meet unless stated otherwise.

Waste water must be collected in a suitable receptacle and must not be allowed to foul the ground.

Please remember to bring your own toilet. No part of any toilet should be taken to a drinking water tap.

Open fires are not permitted

All units must place a bucket of water outside their unit in case of fire.

Dogs must be kept on a lead (maximum 2 metres) at all times and any waste disposed of immediately and responsibly. Dogs must not be taken into marquees or buildings used for social events (guide dogs excepted).

Respect must be shown to the landowners property and all 'out of bounds' areas observed.

There is a maximum speed limit on site of 5mph. Please keep to this limit and keep traffic movement to a minimum.

No vehicle movement on site between 11.00pm and 7.00am.

No noise on site between 11.00pm and 7.00am.

No smoking in marquees or any other buildings being used.

Added on: 29/04/2015

Halloween / bonfire meet, pix wanted

We are still interested in your Photos for the website and if you have an amazing photo then why not enter it into the photo competition?

Please send all photos to be included on the website to CYDAPix@hotmail.com using the Rally / THS location as the subject line so I know where they are from.

For the photo competition please send your pix to the same email address (CYDAPix@hotmail.com) using "photo competition" as the subject line.  The next round of the Photo Competition is the Halloween / Bonfire meet at Beech tree Farm with entries closing on the 9th November. All the entries will then be displayed anonymously on the CYDA facebook page where you will be able to vote for your favourite.  The pix with the most likes is the winner and the prize is bragging rights :-)

Added on: 30/10/2017

Three more CYDA Youths Pass the CCY Youth Test

Congratulations to Dan Brown, Ryan Harvey and Rebecca Squires who passed their CCY youth test recently. All three were presented with their certificates at the Halloween Meet by CYDA Chairman Bob Hannam.  The DA is delighted to have three more youths passing their test, building on the success of Scott Harvey earlier this year.  A big well done to all the youths and of course our Youth Leaders Ann and Alan Brown for organising and supporting the youth intiatives throughout the season. 

Picture from L to R
Bob Hannam, Rebecca Squires, Ryan Harvey, Dan Brown, Ann Brown
(Sorry about the red eyes guys :-))

Added on: 30/10/2017

Chairman's report, summer 2017

Well my second spell as Chairman started off with a record breaking THS meet at Pateley Bridge with 173 units at its peak and a great event by everyone during which we raised over £900 for Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Andy Stell (Sites Officer) has introduced some new sites for the 2017 season in response to members asking for new places to visit.  So far, the new sites have not been well attended, despite being in the Yorkshire Dales, or close to, with stunning panoramic views.  Whilst this lack of popularity is disappointing, feedback from those who attended the Malham and Thornton Country Park meets was very positive and they clearly enjoyed their stay.

It’s coming close to the start of the main holiday season with THS’s starting soon.  So please support CYDA if at all possible.  Enjoy your summer and as we keep saying, if there is anything or anywhere you would like to go, please let a committee member know and we will endeavour to help and fit it in.

Best wishes,

Bob Hannam (Chairman)

Added on: 02/07/2017

Sites Officer wanted

There is a vacancy for the position of Sites Officer available from the 2018 AGM.  This is a key role and it is absolutely essential that we have a Sites Officer who can identify and book sites for the forthcoming season.  This notice is to give advance notification to enable any interested parties to come forward and see whats involved.  If you are interested and think you can help the club then please have a chat with Bob.

Added on: 18/09/2017